2013 | TRILPFR044

1. Wersailles (Planeur)
2. Odissi, Pt. II (Émotif) (Yuksek Remix)
3. Waltz of the Scary Woman
4. Cagole Swag (La Marseillaise)
5. Music Is God My Love
6. Les Oursses
7. Indiankidz
8. Russiankidz (La Ré Fa La)
9. Fiddler in the Street
10. Odissi, Pt. III (Farewell)
11. Meredith’s Ultrascore
12. Ultrathéka No. 1, PT. II
13. Dark Touch (End Theme)

Pianist, composer, arranger and musical director for the likes of Phoenix, Sébastien Tellier, Solange or Frank Ocean, the charismatic and talented Chassol gave birth to an unclassifiable artistic piece. His compositions articulate voices, music, sounds and images onto new audiovisual objects. The result has a name : “ultrascore”. This is Chassol’s first best-of.