2020 | TRICDFR056 – TRILPFR056

1. Ouverture
2. Les règles
3. Sirine
4. Concerto pour batterie et cour de récréation
5. Savana, Céline, Aya, Pt.1
6. Savana, Céline, Aya, Pt.2
7. Your Hands
8. Koh & Sam
9. Mikado Walking
10. Poltergeist
11. Esatabemakuru
12. Tetris Synths
13. Tetris Crystal
14. I Think The Game, Pt.1
15. I Think The Game, Pt.2
16. I Think The Game, Pt.3
17. I Think The Game, Pt.4
18. Dribbles & Beats
19. Camarades
20. Rollercoaster, Pt.1
21. Rollercoaster, Pt.2
22. On Top
23. I Love Vertigo
24. Game Rule
25. Le jeu de la phrase
26. Wolf Music
27. Les anneaux de Saturne
28. Wolf Music (Finale)
29. Générique (Benjamin)
30. Slowcoaster

Ludi is Chassol’s most complete, precise and radiant work, a new artistic creation where the listener becomes the performer of his music, where each listening session leads to discovery of another one of the infinite points of synchronisation between the images and the sounds. With Ludi, Chassol directs his own round of Hermann Hesse’s game, taking on the title of Magister Ludi, master of The Glass Bead Game. With this double album, Chassol realises his ambition: to compose unprecedented music that fills us with joy and prompts reflection.